This page has been created to give an easy and fast access to many, many software that has been created for Linux (The author of this page prefers Fedora Linux)
Kernel-Infos  Infos about the actual kernel-revisions and patches
Kernel-Page  The Official Kernel-Page
HFS Macintosh-filesystem on your linux-box
NTFS Access to WindowsNT's NTFS partitions
FAT32 Access to Win95 new FAT32 partitions
Joliet-CDs Access to Joliet-CDs from your linux-box
Raid-1 Mirroring for Linux
Servers (File & Print)

Access from your Windows- (95/NT) and OS/2-machine (F & P)


Access from your Mac (incl. Postscript on non-PS-printer (F & P)


Access from your Mac (netatalk seems to be better) (F & P)

Servers (HTTP)
Apache The most used HTTP-Server of the internet
CERN httpd  CERN's httpd (for the classic fans)
NCSA NCSA's httpd
Jigsaw Jigsaw is a full blown HTTP server. It is entirely written in Java

Servers (FTP)
Ncftpd Server of the famous ncftp-client
anonftpd anonftpd is a fast, read-only, anonymous FTP server
wu-ftpd wu-ftpd is a replacement ftp server for Un*x systems
Servers (Proxy)
Squid The Harvest-Cache Proxy-deamon (Choice of mine)
Delegate Japanese HTTP/NNTP/FTP/etc.-proxy

Fedora Linux-Distribution (RedHat without the Hat)
RedHat Linux-distribution with its own RPM-package-management
Debian Linux-distribution of the GNU-generation (w/its own packages)
Slackware The classic Linux - distribution
Caldera Caldera-Distribution

Linux Homepage The "official" Linux-Homepage
Linux Homepage UK The Linux-Homepage of the United Kingdom
Linux Gazette Online-magazine about Linux

Non-Intel Linux
PowerMac Linux on the PowerMac
Alpha & Sparc RedHat supports Alpha- and Sparc-stations
Acorn Linux for Acorn-Computers !
Motorola 68k Linux for Computers with Motorolas 68k-CPU (No Macs)
Sparc Linux for Suns Sparc-stations

LAS Linux Archive Search (great!)
LSM  Linux Software Map
Replay PGP, ssh, cfs for Linux (RedHat, Debian)

Comment are welcome. Send me an E-Mail if you know interesting links for Linux or if any of my links have expired or disappeared.